Sunday Worship

Worship with us every Sunday at 11 am.

Traditional Lutheran service using the LBW. All are welcome to receive communion. You don't need to be part of our church to receive the sacrament, the altar is open to all.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a long tradition at St. Paul's, held each December 24th at 7pm. Many dozens of friends of St. Paul's and families from the area join to celebrate our Savior's birth. Full of Christmas carols, anthems, and candlelight, this is a joyful celebration of Jesus coming into the world.

Easter Egg Hunt

Each Easter we also host an Easter Egg Hunt for children of the Artois area - though all children are welcome to attend. The children search after eggs hidden around the neighboring park; and adults enjoy snacks and conversation. The Easter Egg Hunt is a fun, sociable way for families to celebrate the Easter season.